Each of our locations has a wide variety of furniture available to complete your event. From traditional tables and chairs to elegant lounge furniture, we have all you'll need to properly entertain your guests. Many of our locations also offer table top services to be able to provide you with linen, flatware, place settings, and glassware. Be sure to ask your sales staff about options available to complete your event.

As many of our locations offer different products specific to the needs of each region, you should contact your local service office to inquire about specific items you may need.

Furniture Options

From basic linen covered tables to antique farm tables and many more options

Choose from simple folding chairs to more rustic designs and 

Lounge Furniture:
Including couches, benches and other specialized furniture items

Bars & more:
Complete the package with a rustic bar setup and food service stations


Sailcloth Tents

Sailcloth tents rely on tension in the membrane to hold the shape of the tent system. These tents are supported by single or multiple centerpoles in the middle of the tent area and a series of sidepoles around the perimeter of the tent area. The tent is tensioned toward the anchoring locations commonly with a rope or ratchet strap.

Sailcloth Tents

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